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The data driven approach identifies typical patterns and atypical events, which is shared with domain experts using intuitive software with drill down capability.

The non-ozone-depleting potential refrigerant, individual zone control capabilities and heat recovery technologies helped ASHRAE reach its goal of building a sustainable headquarters. Sorting through data can consume up to 40 percent of an analyst's day.

The new facility in Decatur, Ill. They snapped at our heels—and bit deep.

ASHRAE Partners with Industry Leaders in Building Sustainable Headquarters

It's currently being marketed for industrial automation, military and other uses. You can see these winners by clicking on any of the years listed here. There, and ion beam of an instrument can analyze the sample.

Then he wraps an arm around Glory. They realized sales within the first 2 months!

Diagnostics for Packaged HVAC Units

Starlight Information Visualization System — John Risch, John Pinto, Dennis McQuerry, Scott Dowson, Michelle Hart, Wes Hatley, Brian Kritzstein Starlight Information Visualization System has enabled nearly 40 entities to access and interpret information about business intelligence, consumer trends, medical records, current events, and cyber security data and to enhance their operations by exploiting the data to their competitive advantage.

Exploiting both cyber and physical security at once is a common trope for heist and spy movies, but in the real world, these types of attacks could cause black outs, identity theft, data breaches and more.

PNNL scientists developed an ultra-barrier coating technology that gives plastic the necessary levels of protection without affecting its clarity or other qualities.

She tore the final fingernail from her hand and pressed it into mine. It enables users to collaborate on complex documents over the Internet without the usual loss of format or readability that can occur when a software is used on different computer systems. Many companies are currently using Energy ExpertTM to track the implementation of broader energy savings programs.

The ability to study living cells in near-real time removes the guesswork and captures the whole cell dynamic in the testing environment, with applications covering a broad range, from pharmaceutical testing, to biomolecular studies, to environmental impact studies involving biological exposures, and many other potential uses in between.

Sarah died in — fifteen years after her marriage. PACRAT discovers potential vulnerabilities by analyzing how cyber and physical systems affect each other, identifying vulnerabilities not found by looking at the systems independently.

Partnering with them supports our goals of rapidly hardening American businesses and public gathering places against the catastrophic outcome of a CBRN terrorist attack or accidental release.Judges' Comments We were pleased with the variety that we saw as we read through the entries in this competition.

We discovered stories and poetry woven together; we witnessed cases of experimentation with language and form; we admired pieces that explored variety in voice and tone.

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From humour to suspense to the esoteric, these entries. Packaged air conditioners and heat pumps—referred to as rooftop units (RTUs)—frequently operate well below peak efficiencies.

Most RTUs are aged and not well maintained—a major issue for the million buildings in the United States that use them.

NorthWrite Competition Winner Announced May 10 We are delighted to announce that Sun Lyoung Kim is the winner of the NorthWrite Competition for. The Whole Building Energy diagnostician (WBE) and the Outdoor-Air Economizer diagnostician (OAE) developed under funding from the Building Technologies (BT) Program of DOE and field tested under funding from both BT and the California Energy Commission are being converted to web-based tools by PNNL and NorthWrite.

ASHRAE Dedicates Renovated Headquarters

AFE's mission is to provide education, certification, technical information and other relevant resources to plant and facility engineering, operation and maintenance professionals worldwide. Be Power Tech is commercializing BeCool, the first integrated electricity-producing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system using a non-vapor compression cycle (VCC), packaged rooftop HVAC unit that also produces base-load electricity, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

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Northwrite air
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