Value addition to sapota fruit

Banana- around 6,40, metric ton. Understanding of genetic alterations and molecular mechanism is certainly helping out to reveal the interaction of free radicals and their role in proteomics, genomics and disease development process.

The generated by this enzyme serves as the starting material for the production of a suite of reactive species. Pickled vegetables like cucumbers, cabbage as in kimchi and saurekrautOlives, chilies, onions and even garlic. Jam Berry — May — June. The division also imparts training to agricultural extension officers and farmers.

Visitors to Bangladesh may just taste any of the fruits and judge for themselves. What happens when these antioxidants reach the body tissues of interest or are there other factors still to be unrevealed?

Guava, sour apple, plum, karonda, wood apple, loquat, papaya and goose-berry are generally used for preparation of jelly. A gram serving of this fruit provides about Sapota is thus good fruit for women.

The intake of Sapodilla helps in preventing cold, flu and also other infections. All the factors responsible for the oxidative stress directly or indirectly participate in immune system defense mechanism.

Varieties Certain trees tend to bear very large, seedless or nearly seedless fruits maturing in summer instead of winter as most do, but no varietal names have been attached to them in Florida. It can be prepared from one kind of fruit or from two or more kinds.

Reduced coronary flow is the only abnormal effect of acute cold stress under these conditions. Proteomic Evidences of the Stress-Disease Development Interrelationship Oxidative damages mediated by free radicals lead to protein modification and ultimately cellular damages and disease pathogenesis.

In regular cellular mechanism, free radicals scavenger vitamin E, C and glutathione along with enzymes like catalase, peroxidases, and superoxide dismutase control the mechanism of DNA repair.

Peel and other pineapple by-products from processing can be used as raw materials to prepare natural vinegar and thus make a proper use of residuals. Assessment of Oxidative Stress The concentration of different reductant-oxidant markers is considered an important parameter for assessing the prooxidant status in the body tissues [ 83 ].

Mandate Carrying out basic and strategic research for enhancing productivity and quality of ornamental crops To act as a repository of genetic resources in ornamental crops To undertake front line demonstration in new technologies evolved and to impart training for upgrading scientific knowledge of technical personnel involved in floriculture enterprises Plant Pathology[ edit ] Phyllody induced by phytoplasma infection on a coneflower Echinacea purpurea The Plant Pathology division attends to basic and applied research for the management of diseases by microorganisms.

Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry[ edit ] Salt-affected soil The Division studies the nutrient requirement of horticultural crops and to develop suitable agro techniques for vegetable crops.

This review discusses the importance of oxidative stress in the body growth and development as well as proteomic and genomic evidences of its relationship with disease development, incidence of malignancies and autoimmune disorders, increased susceptibility to bacterial, viral, and parasitic diseases, and an interplay with prooxidants and antioxidants for maintaining a sound health, which would be helpful in enhancing the knowledge of any biochemist, pathophysiologist, or medical personnel regarding this important issue.

This savory porridge is a great way to start the day. The prevention of iron-induced lipid peroxidation in hepatocytes by some flavonoids including quercetin is well known [ 49].

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Documentation and conservation of the indigenous macrofungi wealth of the country Making mushroom production enterprise zero waste enterprise through the utilization of mushroom cultivation process wastes for various beneficial purposes To provide support through training and quality spawn to entrepreneurs, institutions, NGOsState departments and KVKs.M.E.

Applied Electronics. MNM Engineering College, Anna University, Chennai B.E. ECE. Vel Tech Multi Tech Engineering College, Anna University, Chennai Sapota (Achras Zapota) a tropical fruit was processed into a value-added powder and evaluated for use in Sweet recipes.

Fruits of sapota were made into powder. Sapota (Manilkara Zapota) is a perishable fruit, mostly grown in Western part of India. Due to high moisture content along with sugars, the fruit suffers significant post harvest losses.

The present report is also consistent with the report of other researcher for some tropical fruit wines such as tundu [7], sweet potato [10]. Fresh sapota sections are a great addition to fruit salads.

Indian Institute of Horticultural Research

Sapodilla-milkshake (chikoo milkshake)/smoothie is a favorite drink in Asia. It also used in ice-creams, fruit-jam, cakes, pie, etc.

To standardize a recipe for the preparation of sapota candy, the fruit was steeped in three different combinations of sugar syrup concentrations (20/30/Brix, 30/40/Brix .

Value addition to sapota fruit
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